Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Feeling HAUTE in My GLAM Dress

Hello Fashion People!

How is everyone doing? Hopefully great, as I always say! I'd like to start off by introducing to you'll about a clothing boutique that carries HAUTE dresses and much more. This clothing boutique is called Haute Glam Boutique and the name says it all! I love their dresses because they carry different styles from peplum to off the shoulder to party dresses. The list literally goes on and on! See it for yourself HERE and get this Haute Glam Boutique has great prices. Like I mentioned before, they do offer more than just dresses which I love. Below I show you'll how I styled their HAUTE and elegant Lace Trim Color Block Peplum Dress 
Enjoy! Xo

Heels: Qupid Shoes
Bag: Old

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Hello Fashion People!

I hope all is well for everyone out there in the world! :)
So, as you all may know Spring is offically here and I can not be any happier about that! I love the Spring time because of colors, the weather, and of course the fashion. Speaking of fashion, I received this top which is called Honey Punch Plunging Surplice  from an online boutique called BLAK LABEL 
Blak Label carries a selection of clothes, black colored clothes that is. They carry tops to even swimwear and you know ladies Spring is already here so if you love to wear black clothing like I do, than Blak Label is the perfect place to get your fashion! Now moving on to the talk of the town, this top! Oh My Goodness!!! I heart this top! It can easily be worn so many different ways/styles.  For instance, a pair of nice white denim jeans or maybe even some cute high waist jean shorts! You guys know I'm all about high-waist! LOL! Anyway, I decided to pair it up with this cute pencil skirt from F21. This top has to be one of the most light weight tops I own. Not to mention, the bell sleeve adds a big touch to the whole top. This top isn't just any, it's THE top!  I hope you'll enjoyed this fashion post! Until my next one! Xo

Skirt: F21

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So Long to the Trench Coat

Hello Fashion People!

How is everyone doing this evening? This post is dedicated to the end of winter. I am so over it because of the weather but I am going to miss the fashion lol. This winter season, it was all about the trench coat and neutral colors. I love this coat. I think I may transition it into my Spring wardrobe. It's not to heavy in material, so I think I can get away with it in Spring. What do you guys think? Let me know you're thoughts! Love you guys and be sure to visit my YouTube Channel HERE 

Trench Coat: Thrifted
Jeans: Guess
Top: Thrifted
Heels: Local Mall
Sunnies: Freyrs

Sunday, March 15, 2015

ReTrak: The "Selfie Stick"

Hello Fashion People!

I hope you'll are having such a great Sunday! Today's post will be talking about the famous "selfie stick" but not just any selfie stick. For some of you who may not know, a selfie stick is a cool selfie stick wired controlled to plug and shoot with any mobile device. Do you guys ever hate when you take a selfie and it doesn't come out they way you want it such as bad angles, or accidentally cropping out a side of your face etc? I'm sure we all had those experience while trying to take the perfect selfie. Well people, the selfie stick is perfect. I received mine the "Orginial Selfie Stick" from RETRAK and guys it's literally a life saver, if you're a person who loves taking selfie's.. and come on who doesn't right lol? What's amazing about the Original Selfie Stick by RETRAK  is how easy it is to put together and actually use. When you get the Oringial Selfie Stick all you have to do is attach the universal padded mount which safetly hold all smart phones. That's it! Oh and the rotating head is connected to capture a 180 degree angle of you're selfie to make it that much EASY while taking a selfie. In addition, the non-corrosive stainless steel monopod extends to a 4' and retracts to a 1' so that way you can take group selfies with family and friends :) You can find the original selfie stick by clicking HERE
Here I leave you with some of my fav shots while using the original selfie stick by RETRAK

(P.S.) Retrak is having a selfie contest head over to their site to enter!
ReTrak Contest

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NEW VIDEO: Empties, Products I've Used Up!

Hello Fashion People!

I hope you guys are subscribed to my Youtube Channel, so you can be updated when I upload new fashion and beauty related videos. My channel is under 1LovelyPrecious please comment, like, and subscribe :)


Monday, March 9, 2015

The | Staple | Coat

Hello Fashion People!

How has everyone been? I've missed you'll & I sincerely apologize for the lack of fashion posts. The reason being is because there has been crazy weather here in Dallas, ugh! However, over the weekend I was able to shoot FINALLY right, lol! I decided to go ahead and upload this fashion post first since, we are nearly to the end of winter and I am going to miss it for the clothes but not the weather lol! Anyways, this particular day I spent the day with my love, we went shopping & had dinner. I loved this outfit so much because of the neutral colors and these colors will be transitioning to my Spring wardrobe! Love the color combo and the staple coat of the season... the "trench coat" made the outfit that much better. I hope you'll enjoyed this fashion post! Until my next post!

Coat: Vintage
Pants: F21
Bag: f21
Shoes: AMI Club Wear