Monday, March 9, 2015

The | Staple | Coat

Hello Fashion People!

How has everyone been? I've missed you'll & I sincerely apologize for the lack of fashion posts. The reason being is because there has been crazy weather here in Dallas, ugh! However, over the weekend I was able to shoot FINALLY right, lol! I decided to go ahead and upload this fashion post first since, we are nearly to the end of winter and I am going to miss it for the clothes but not the weather lol! Anyways, this particular day I spent the day with my love, we went shopping & had dinner. I loved this outfit so much because of the neutral colors and these colors will be transitioning to my Spring wardrobe! Love the color combo and the staple coat of the season... the "trench coat" made the outfit that much better. I hope you'll enjoyed this fashion post! Until my next post!

Coat: Vintage
Pants: F21
Bag: f21
Shoes: AMI Club Wear

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