Sunday, March 15, 2015

ReTrak: The "Selfie Stick"

Hello Fashion People!

I hope you'll are having such a great Sunday! Today's post will be talking about the famous "selfie stick" but not just any selfie stick. For some of you who may not know, a selfie stick is a cool selfie stick wired controlled to plug and shoot with any mobile device. Do you guys ever hate when you take a selfie and it doesn't come out they way you want it such as bad angles, or accidentally cropping out a side of your face etc? I'm sure we all had those experience while trying to take the perfect selfie. Well people, the selfie stick is perfect. I received mine the "Orginial Selfie Stick" from RETRAK and guys it's literally a life saver, if you're a person who loves taking selfie's.. and come on who doesn't right lol? What's amazing about the Original Selfie Stick by RETRAK  is how easy it is to put together and actually use. When you get the Oringial Selfie Stick all you have to do is attach the universal padded mount which safetly hold all smart phones. That's it! Oh and the rotating head is connected to capture a 180 degree angle of you're selfie to make it that much EASY while taking a selfie. In addition, the non-corrosive stainless steel monopod extends to a 4' and retracts to a 1' so that way you can take group selfies with family and friends :) You can find the original selfie stick by clicking HERE
Here I leave you with some of my fav shots while using the original selfie stick by RETRAK

(P.S.) Retrak is having a selfie contest head over to their site to enter!
ReTrak Contest

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