Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Thigh High Boots in Spring? Oh YES Please!

Hello Fashion People,

I am back with another fashion post. I hope you guys are having a great mid week. I am here enjoying my night from a long day of work. Anyway, this post is about the thigh high boot. You guys are probably wondering thigh high boots in the Spring time? Really is she crazy? Well fashion people... fashion is all about taking RISKS and yes you can wear boots in spring or even summer time I mean why not right? Well, these boots are from none other than my all time favorite AMI CLUB WEAR and guys they have amazing shoes well you'll know about AMI so I don't need to go into detail to much but for those who may not know take a look you'd be amazed at what you can find :) So back to this outfit, I decided to pair these boots with a vintage cropped tee from Sears and high waisted shorts also from Sears. I don't know about you guys but  I LOVE Sears too! The boot color compliments the shorts, crop top and, for an extra bonus the dark lip. I hope you guys enjoyed this fashion post!

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