Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Hello Fashion People!

How is everyone doing on this Tuesday? I'm back with another fashion post and this time it's for a night out. This 2 piece set is from Biatcha they have the most affordable clubbing dress, and any event that you may have they have the dress or 2 piece set with affordable prices :)
I decided to glam my outfit up with some cat eye sunnies and tie my hair back. It's something different for me since I always have my hair down in curls. It's always nice to try a different hair style right lol?
I hope you guys enjoy! I will have all links listed under the photos. Until my next fashion post!

                                                                           OUTFIT DETAILS:
                                                                        2 Piece Set: Biatcha
                                                                       Shoes: Ami Club Wear

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