Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sweater & Heels

Hello Fashion People!

I hope everyone enjoyed there weekend. Now lets get into this outfit shall we? First off, lets work ourselves from the bottom to the top. Ok...these shoes are from Qupid now for all my fashionistas out there, I'm sure you'll have heard of Qupid before especially my shoe lovers ;) 
Well let me say this, I own several pairs of Qupid shoes and I really love the quality of them. They really do last a long time & they are affordable how cool is that? It is certainly a win win situation right girls?
Well, I decided to dress these babies up which are called MADY with this really soft sweater top from The Classic Brand if you have been following my blog then you know I have worked with The Classic Brand before. Ladies, this Coke Cola sweater is a must have for fall and winter time. Wanna know why? Well, this Cream Official Coca Cola Knit Sweater is cozy, stylish, and is perfect for all body types. I loved how this outfit turned out. You don't always have to pair up a Knit Sweater with jeans, style it up and make it your own. I hope you'll enjoyed this post! Until my next fashion post!

Shoes: Qupid
Knit Sweater: The Classic Brand
Skirt: Ami ClubWear

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