Monday, August 4, 2014


Hello Fashion People!

I want to give you'll the 411 on this awesome cool site called Beach Stuff Shop
What makes Beach Stuff Shop cool is because it's literally your one stop shop for beach wear. Not only this, but also cute stylish clothing that you can wear outside the beach, pool, or a cruise. I love it so much because it beats having to shop at different stores, say for instance a beach bag or possibly a floppy hat some other websites don't always offer all these items, but with Beach Stuff Shop you have the luxury of a one stop shop! Ladies, can I say more about his amazing white Sangria Dress ? It's comfortable and stylish perfect for ANY occasion! Oh and lets not forget about this gorgeous floppy hat! Ladies, floppy hats are in not just for the summer time but they can roll over into the fall as well and this floppy hat is a steal, Click Here

Now moving on to the necklace. How adorable is this necklace? It's from a boutique called a la femme boutique there pieces are truly one of a kind accessories. a la femme boutique has everything from statement necklaces to watches! If you love jewelry definitely check them out & they are affordable :)

Sangria Dress/Floppy Hat: Beach Stuff Shop
Shoes: Local Store

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