Friday, August 8, 2014


Hello Fashion People!

How is everyone doing this Friday night? I hope all well :)
I wanted to share with you some exciting news! I got the opportunity to collaborate with AMI Club Wear & a unique denim company called Articles of Society
First off, for those of you that may not know of Articles of Society it is a unique denim brand that offers  affordable denim to it's consumers. Articles of Society is based in downtown Los Angeles, where I wish to go one day. I am destined to be there lol :) Articles of Society uses high quality fabrics on it's denim that most companies may use but at a affordable cost, how awesome is that? Girls, these shorts are so diverse. You can wear these anywhere. I actually cuffed my shorts up a little bit. The original fit is a tab longer but I decided to roll mine up for a more shorter look since I balanced it out with the blazer, not showing to much right?

 Ok, now.... drum roll please!!!! AMI Club Wear I have been shopping with AMI Club Wear since I started going out to clubs. As some of you may know, I used to be a TV Host for a local TV show in the DFW area about a year ago. That last for 2 years. Anyway, since I was on camera almost every weekend, I had to dress accordingly with club dresses etc. I would ALWAYS shop at AMI Club Wear to get my dresses/ skirts/ shoes! They always had awesome deals like the sale that is going on right now! Ladies take advantage they have AMAZING deals like 50% off everything! Anyway, the shoes I am wearing are available (CLICK HERE) if you'll are interested! Ladies you will love AMI Club Wear so check them out! I will leave discount codes at the end! Xo

Black Leather Strappy Heels: AMI Club Wear  
(Use code: YAY50 for 50% off)
Madre Shorts: Articles of Society
Blazer: Express (Thrifted)
Tee: Forever 21
Bracelet: Vera Style

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