Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jumpsuits & Statement Earrings

Hello Fashion People!

    How is everyone doing? I hope terrific! Many of you may know that I am doing a collaboration with AMI Club Wear and if you read my first blog post featuring AMI Club Wear then you'll know how beyond excited I have been!!! Not only this, but I've been shopping with AMI Club Wear for years now and there clothing quality is amazing for the prices. I love how they're clothing is versatile from dresses, to jumpsuits! Speaking of jumpsuits, this Jumpsuit is great. The material of the clothing/shoes/accessories is nice quality overall and lets not forget stylish too. I love wearing jumpsuits, they are an effortless piece anyone can have in their closet. The only thing that I must say that is a down point for me that is, when it comes to jumpsuits or rompers, you pretty much have to get naked LOL! Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.Other than that, I love them! The SHOES are also by AMI Club Wear and right now they are 19.99 what a steal! Also, AMI Club Wear is having there OMG Sale starting NOW 50% ( I will leave the DISCOUNT code at the end) 
    Now, for these statement piece of jewelry goes to these long black with gold earrings. These gorgeous earrings are from a boutique called A La Femme Boutique I've previously wrote about A La Femme Boutique & their accessories are statement pieces I must say.I love design of these earrings and the colors too. Since the jumpsuit is pretty simple, I figured these babies would be a great combo! Until my next post!

Black Jumpsuit: AMI Club Wear
Shoes: AMI Club Wear

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