Sunday, August 31, 2014

B.L.A.C.K. & G.O.L.D

Hello everyone!

    How is every one's Labor Day weekend going so far? As for mine, not so good at all, due to my grandmothers passing this Friday. It's been a rough time for my family & I. All I know is my grandmother is not in pain anymore and I have to be strong for my mother. 
Furthermore, enough with that update with me let's move onto the outfit. Although we are in August I am excited for Fall to come. I feel there is a lot of things to do in the fall/winter time and of course the fall fashion tops it off! Lets start off with a break down of the outfit shall we? The bag is from The Black Alley which is called Midnight Satchel I love this purse for several reasons. 1. it is a staple in any ones closet. This purse goes with any outfit due to the color and style of it. 2. it is fall fashion ready. This satchel can complete any look. 3. the detailing of the satchel compliments an outfit with the gold hardware and the zipper detailing. 4. the price is unbelievable... 29.99 to be exact and you'll receive 30% off your first purchase how nice is that? Let's not forget the Chevron Harness I am wearing also completes any look. What I really like about the Chevron Harness is that it's adjustable to your ring size. I have skinny fingers so this is a plus because I can adjust it to my sizing!
   Moving onto the Anide Faux Leather Skater Skirt from Haute Attitude this online shopping website has trendy clothes from tops, bottoms, outwear, accessories. I love it because it's simply chic and again affordable. This skater skirt is on sale right now for 29.00. Ladies I feel these skater skirts will go never go out of style. If you think it maybe a bit cooler to wear skirts in the fall/winter time just add a pair of leg warmers or stockings. That is what I plan to do :) 
  The shoes I am wearing are from Fab Shuze an online shoe boutique that has amazing unique shoes. The shoes I am wearing are called Ruby What I like about the Ruby boots is that they are comfortable to walk in especially for the boots being 4.5 inches and they are on sale! The gold chains are very unique on a boot and truly stand out! I love them :)
My sunglasses are from Sunglass Warehouse. These sunglasses are affordable and stylish.  At Sunglass Warehouse they have thousands of styles to choose from and the prices at unbeatable. Well guys, I hope you'll enjoy this long post! All outfit details will be listed at the end!

Chevron Harness:The Black Alley
Faux Leather Skirt: Haute Attitude
Boots: Fab Shuze

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cute & Casual

Hello Fashion People!

How is everyone? I'm sure most of you had a busy day today since today was back to school. Either way, Mondays can be a drag for some. Any who, a few weeks back or maybe about a month ago I found some amazing finds at the Good Will and one of those amazing finds was this AE skirt. I believe I paid $3.99 for it. Isn't it cute? I decided to pair this flowy colorful skirt with this awesome Pink Peonies Tee Now doesn't this tee scream fashion? I think so :) These tee's aren't your ordinary tee's. Camp Moxie tee's are hand printed with 100% cotton. That explains the softness of the tee and I like how there fitted as well! And get THIS... this tee is on sale right now! :D

Now, some of you may be interested in the sunglasses that I am wearing. Well, guys you are going to be in paradise of sunglasses lol. Let me tell ya,  at Sunglass Warehouse they are the real deal! These sunglasses are great quality and there are thousands to choose from. Not only this but the best part as I like to see things, is that Sunglass Warehouse is affordable more like $8 to $20 bucks affordable! WOW! Talk about looking good and feeling good all at once. What I love about Sunglass Warehouse is  that they have a women's celebrity section. These sunglasses are actually celebrity inspired :) Oh! Also, I can not forget about the guys, they also have men sunglasses as well pretty cool huh?
All info will be listed at the end! 

Sunglasses:Sunglass Warehouse
Skirt: AE

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Classic Tank

Hello Fashion People!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last weekend of summer vacation. For most of us (except me) yay! Will be attending school or some may have already started. I was planning on doing a back to school series but I didn't have much time. However, I can still do a back to school look book for those who are interested let me know. Anyway, moving on to the outfit right? Lets start off with this amazing tank that is from The Classic Brand I own two of these tanks & let me tell ya they are so soft and great quality. This specific tank is great for the final days of summer and even fall time. Just throw a black blazer over it add some boots and jeans & there you have it.... a full complete fall outfit. Also, lets not forget the affordable prices The Classic Brand offers from tanks to dresses and even jewelry! Make sure to check them out!
Until my next post!

Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: AMI Club Wear
Clutch: AMI Club Wear

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hello Fashion People!

How is everyone doing on this #TBT lol... Anyway, I decided to upload one look but 2 different hairstyles. The reason being is because I first shot the first photos and it started to rain that day, so I had to wrap up this shoot, unfortunately. However, I came up with this idea featuring the same outfit but mixing it up with a different hairstyle. Let me know if you guys like these types of posts? Moving on to the outfit, I was sent this simple but still fashionable 2 piece black outfit from AMI Club Wear 
As you'll know I LOVE AMI Club Wear what I can say about these two piece sets is that it goes with anything because of the black color. You can pair this outfit with a bright color shoe or add colorful accessories. I paired up the look with the same red pumps I featured in my Classic Brand post with these stunning earrings that I received from ROSEY BOWTIQUE I hope you'll enjoy this post. Please leave your feedback!

2 Piece Set: AMI Club Wear
Shoes: AMI Club Wear
Clutch: Good Will

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jumpsuits & Statement Earrings

Hello Fashion People!

    How is everyone doing? I hope terrific! Many of you may know that I am doing a collaboration with AMI Club Wear and if you read my first blog post featuring AMI Club Wear then you'll know how beyond excited I have been!!! Not only this, but I've been shopping with AMI Club Wear for years now and there clothing quality is amazing for the prices. I love how they're clothing is versatile from dresses, to jumpsuits! Speaking of jumpsuits, this Jumpsuit is great. The material of the clothing/shoes/accessories is nice quality overall and lets not forget stylish too. I love wearing jumpsuits, they are an effortless piece anyone can have in their closet. The only thing that I must say that is a down point for me that is, when it comes to jumpsuits or rompers, you pretty much have to get naked LOL! Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.Other than that, I love them! The SHOES are also by AMI Club Wear and right now they are 19.99 what a steal! Also, AMI Club Wear is having there OMG Sale starting NOW 50% ( I will leave the DISCOUNT code at the end) 
    Now, for these statement piece of jewelry goes to these long black with gold earrings. These gorgeous earrings are from a boutique called A La Femme Boutique I've previously wrote about A La Femme Boutique & their accessories are statement pieces I must say.I love design of these earrings and the colors too. Since the jumpsuit is pretty simple, I figured these babies would be a great combo! Until my next post!

Black Jumpsuit: AMI Club Wear
Shoes: AMI Club Wear