Thursday, July 24, 2014

Who is Bodeoo?

Hello Fashion People!
I was shopping this weekend and came across the most amazing new online clothing store - It has such a great collection of clothes shoes  accessories and everything a girl could imagine. And it is super easy to use and affordable! I can’t wait to order more clothes! A few of my favorite pieces are the rompers crop tops and sun glasses.
                                                                Sunny Days Sunglasses






A unique feature about Bodeoo is that their models are true to scale – all medium size clothes are modeled by women who are actually a size medium. It is so rare to see that in a store! I honestly don’t know if I have ever seen a store do that.
I was impressed by their blog too. Not only do they blog about their store and fashion but also beauty and health too! And they feature other bloggers on their site! How exciting is that! is unlike any online store I have seen, and I am a frequent online buyer. For anyone who loves all things fashion, you have to check this store out! It is too good to miss!

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