Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Skorts

Hello Fashion People!

How is everyone out there? I hope fantastic! I'm sure most of you, are probably dreading Monday morning, because most of us had a 3 day weekend. However, some of us may have took advantage of that time & probably slept in. Whatever the case may have been, I'm sure we have all had a late brunch from time to time. I put this look together and thought it would be great for a late brunch with family or friends. I am in love with these heels, if you can tell I wear them all the time and they are definitely comfortable. Now, some may not like the whole heel look and that is okay switch the heel to a sandal, that will work just as fine. NOW, for the star of the show summer skorts are IN ladies! I remember wearing these when I was a little girl, and they are in style right now. I love the classic white look of the "Edgy Pointed Skort" which can be purchased at and ladies it is on sale for $15 right now plus additional $5 off by using promo code PRECIOUS5
How cool is that? That is a bargain! Head over to Emma Joy right now lol :)
Stay tuned for part 2 to see how I style the Edgy Pointed Skort next!

Edgy Pointed Skirt: 
(Use PROMO code: PRECIOUS5 for $5 off)
Top: Forever 21
Belt: Ross
Clutch: Gifted
Sunnies: Ray Ban

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