Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Online Shopping Made Easier for all body sizes at

Don’t you absolutely hate it when you’re online shopping and all the websites use the typical tall, skinny, and size 00 models? I love online shopping. I do, but, I would love to know how the clothes will fit on a body type like mine.
When browsing the other day, I stumbled upon At Bodeoo, different size models from small to large are used to model each clothing piece so that customers can have a good grasp on how the pieces will fit on their body types. is the one-stop spot for trendy fashion pieces. From cute body suits to neon pants, they have it all. Bodeoo makes sure that their clothes not only look good on the typical “model”, but on all women of all sizes. Just because you’re not wearing size negative, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to rock their clothes!
Check out some of my favorite pieces from Bodeoo that are modeled on different-sized models:

From a size small to large, shoppers can see what the dress looks like on each size. You can simply click on the sizes to see the clothing pieces on different-sized models. For references, Bodeoo also has a size chart.

Not only do they offer trendy clothing, they also have fab shoes and awesome accessories! Bodeoo also ships internationally, so if you're not located in the U.S., no worries, you can still shop at Bodeoo! Here is a list of all the countries that Bodeoo ships to: International Shipping <--click!
I've also had a blast watching their weekly Tutorial Tuesday videos on their YouTube. There are all kinds of tutorials from DIY face mask. working out pretty, to what to do wear, do, say on a date. You can see the ladies strutting in their cute outfits, getting fun and personable with their viewers. It just makes shopping ten times more fun!
So what are you waiting for ladies? has tons of new, stylish pieces that are just a click away! Let's not spend that 30 minute driving to the mall and shop online with Bodeoo today.

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