Saturday, July 26, 2014


Hello Fashion People!

Happy Saturday night! This outfit was inspired by none other than fall. Yes, I know we are still in summer but I am excited for fall to come. Anyway, although this look is inspired by fall it still goes with summer because of the flowy skirt & of course crop top. Now, we can not forget this adorable necklace right? This necklace is called Golden Daisy Necklace What I like about this necklace is that it dresses up any piece of clothing. This necklace is definitely a statement necklace and it's adorable. Since my skirt has a floral pattern on it, I knew this necklace would go perfectly together.
As always, I hope you'll enjoy & make sure to follow my blog for WEEKLY updates. :)

Skirt: Thrifted (f21)
Shoes: Ross
Top: Arden B
Clutch: Banana Republic

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