Thursday, July 31, 2014


Hello Fashion People!

How is everyone doing tonight? I'm excited for this weekend, got some new stuff that came in & excited to wear & shoot! Anyway, how cute are these Medallion Shorts from Desert Rose Apparel?
I love the crochet at the bottom of the shorts it's the perfect feminine touch to any outfit! I felt super girly wearing these & of course the best part is there affordable. (Click Here) if your interested! Enjoy! X

Crop Top: Forever 21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Bag: Mk
Watch: Mk
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Earrings: Burlington
Blazer: Bebe

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

D R E S S M E UP "R O M P E R E D I T I O N"

Hello Fashion People!

I am beyond excited to share with you this post! I am in love with this floral romper and so will you lol!
This romper is literally everything to me. I love pieces like this that are light weight but yet show just the perfect amount of skin in the right areas! The fabric of this romper is incredible too for those hot days. I got this romper from Ds Chic & the crazy thing about it is the price! It is on sale right now for $19 YES you read right $19. If any of you are interested in this romper contact Ds Chic
All there clothes are great quality & amazing deals. I hope you'll enjoy the large quantity of photos as you can tell I am in LOVE with this romper!

Floral Romper from Ds Chic:(CLICK HERE)
Shoes: Old
Clutch: Gifted
Hat: Local store
Belt: F21
Sunnies: Ray Bans

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bodeoo - my one-stop spot for trendy items!

Hello Fashion People!

I used to love going to the mall, browsing from store to store and trying on one piece of clothing to another. That is until I realized how many impulsive purchases I was making because of either lack of variety or lack of sizes. But what I hate about online shopping is that I don’t get to try on the items themselves and who knows if they’re going to fit me or not? That’s when online clothing stores like come in to save the day!

What’s neat about Bodeoo is that they use small, medium, and large models to showcase the clothing pieces so you’re not stuck looking at size negative models wondering if you’re really going to be able to squeeze into that dress or that top. Here, shoppers can see each and every clothing pieces modeled on models their size!

Here are some of my favorite items:

I've also had a blast watching their weekly Tutorial Tuesday videos on their Youtube. There are all kinds of tutorials from DIY face mask. working out pretty, to what to do wear, do, say on a date. You can see the ladies strutting in their cute outfits, getting fun and personable with their viewers. It just makes shopping ten times more fun!

The items featured above are just a few pieces that I’m loving from their website right now. They’re adding tons of new, trendy pieces as you’re reading this so if you’re looking to shop, save yourself the 30-minute trip to the mall and check out today!

Monday, July 28, 2014

S T R I P E D S K I R T & P I N K N E C K L A C E

Hello Fashion People!

How is everyone doing today? I hope everyone had a great start to there week!
Now lets get into the fun part, which is this outfit! How chic is this outfit? I decided to pair up this thrifted denim top that I picked up from the Good Will for $2 bucks and I paired it with this stunning statement necklace from Rosey Bowtique and to top that off I added this Simply Stripes Skirt from Annie Jean Apparel I loved the balance of the skirt mixed with the denim top and the right amount of pop of color from the necklace. The Simply Stripes Skirt is perfect for any occasion because of the neutral tone it gives off, yet it can easily be dressed up for a night out. The fabric of the skirt is great. I like that it is long and fitted not to mention the colors of it. The Pink Statement Necklace adds the perfect amount of pop of color to any outfit and it certainly dresses up a simple yet chic look just like this one. I hope you'll enjoy this post! Don't forget to follow my blog and also for daily updates follow me on Instagram 1 Lovely Precious

Pink Statement Necklace (Click Here)
Simply Stripes Skirt (Click Here)
Top: Good Will
Shoes: Local Store

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Hello Fashion People!

Happy Saturday night! This outfit was inspired by none other than fall. Yes, I know we are still in summer but I am excited for fall to come. Anyway, although this look is inspired by fall it still goes with summer because of the flowy skirt & of course crop top. Now, we can not forget this adorable necklace right? This necklace is called Golden Daisy Necklace What I like about this necklace is that it dresses up any piece of clothing. This necklace is definitely a statement necklace and it's adorable. Since my skirt has a floral pattern on it, I knew this necklace would go perfectly together.
As always, I hope you'll enjoy & make sure to follow my blog for WEEKLY updates. :)

Skirt: Thrifted (f21)
Shoes: Ross
Top: Arden B
Clutch: Banana Republic

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Hello Fashion People!

How many of you'll like maxi dresses? I'm sure a lot of people like them huh? They are great for all shapes and sizes AND the best part you don't have to put that much effort into it. There are similar to rompers, expect in a dress form! I received this lovely maxi dress called Watercolor Maxi Tank Dress
from Rebel10 First off let me tell you ladies, this maxi is something I've never owned before for a lot of reasons such as the unique colors, prints, and the quality. It is ahhhhmazing! I love the feel of it, it is so soft and silky material and comfortable. I love this dress so much and I had fun shooting in it. I hope you'll enjoy & remember to check out Rebel10 if your interested in this maxi dress or any styles! Enjoy!

Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Sunnies: Ray Rans
Clutch: Banana Republic