Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How To Style Crop Top

Hi Fashion People!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you'll are off to a great week. This look is focused on the crop top. I paired up the outfit with a light colored blazer and white high waisted jeans. Although, the blazer may be a bit on the warm side for some. However, this outfit looks great without the blazer as well. I personally love the added touch the blazer gives, so I decided to keep the blazer on. I find the blazer complementing the black & white vibe from the crop top. I hope you'll enjoy!

                                                                     OUTFIT DETAILS:
                                                                     Crop top: H&M $4.95
                                                                     Blazer: Macy's $20
                                                                     Jeans: H&M $20
                                                                     Shoes: Wink $25

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  1. Can you post of video or blog on how to organize your closet if you have tons of shoes?


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