Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"GET THE LOOK" Long Maxi Skirts & Floppy Hats!

Hey Fashion People!

I hope you'll are having a great week. I put together a outfit that is day time appropriate, especially for a day out with your girlfriends! Everyone should own a maxi skirt this summer or a maxi dress. These clothing items are effortless but at the same time looks as if you put alot of thought to your outfit. The floppy hat is great to protect yourself from the sun. In Texas, the weather can get a bit crazy so it's best to wear some sort of protection from the sun, whether it's sun screen, sunglasses, or a floppy hat! I love this look so much and the wedges dress up the whole look! I hope you'll enjoy! Xo

Floppy Hat: Ross $7.00
Top: Charlotte Russe $10
Maxi Skirt: $22
Wedges: Famous Foot Wear $52

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