Monday, January 23, 2017

Blush Nude Tones | Precious Fashion

Hello Fashion People!

Happy Monday everyone! How is everyone doing on this chilly evening?
I hope staying warm :) You know we had some crazy weather this past weekend, crazy as in sunny one moment the next POURING rain! I was super excited because it was sunny out so I decided to wear this outfit along with my lovely handbag from Closet Access I love this handbag because it is the perfect size to carry your daily essentials. My daily essentials consists of my wallet, chapstick, a liquid lipstick, and powder. All of my essentials fit perfectly in my Closet Access handbag! Not to mention, the blush nude tone color it has. I really do hope you guys love this fashion post! 
Until my next one!


What I'm Wearing:
Leggings: F21
Top: Victoria's Secret
Shoes: AMI Club Wear
Jacket: F21
Handbag: Closet Access