Thursday, January 14, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hello Fashion People :)

Happy New Year  my precious fashionistas! 
I hope you guys had an amazing time ringing in the new year with your family or loved ones.
This is my official fist blog post of 2016! YAY!!!
I have so much planned for this year for my blog, goals, travel etc! I will be updating my blog look soon so stay tuned. Also, I will be creating more youtube videos from fashion to beauty and even just chatting with you girls, so please subscribe to my youtube channel  1LovelyPrecious 
Okay, now onto the fashion post lol! So this fashion post is all about the two piece set from Now, I'm sure everyone has heard of they have the most inexpensive clothes and they're styles are amazing not to mention the quality as well. I've signed up to get the email alerts and they are ALWAYS having sales. This set alone I paid a total of $16 bucks! I know right what a steal! This look is so winter appropriate because of the long trench coat! I hope you guys enjoy this fashion post! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel---> 1LovelyPrecious

2 Piece Set: Boohoo
Shoes: AMI Club Wear
Handbag: Handbag Heaven